Block Websites Buddy 4.0: Award-winning software to block unwanted websites

Block Websites Buddy 4.0

Block Websites Buddy is award-winning website blocker for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7. The software is compatible with all popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE7,IE8), Safari and Opera. Block Websites Buddy lets you block several websites at once, backup/restore blocked websites list, protect blocker/unblocker with password. The software has predefined list of ready-to-block advertising websites. Enjoy!

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Block Website 1.0: Block Website(s) on your computer easily. Backup / Restore Settings easily.

Block Website 1.0

Block Website(s) on your computer easily. Backup / Restore Settings easily.Register for $5.00 and get free upgrades.Trial Version Does not have any Reminder or Nagging Pop-Ups.The Utility works by adding / modifying entries in windows hosts file so that the blocked website(s) cannot be accessed from any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc). Download today and get control over the websites which cannot be browsed on your computer. Simple grap

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Website Block 3.17: Block unwanted websites from view in Internet Explorer by web address or keyword

Website Block 3.17

Website Block software utility allows you to block unwanted websites from display in Internet Explorer. If a website is blocked, the user is forwarded to a blocked information page or a blank page and the contents of the original website are not loaded on your PC. Stop loading banners and ads, block Myspace, Facebook and othe social networking sites, block your kids from spending hours in chat rooms and playing flash games and remove undesired violent

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Website Blocker 1.0.12: Website Blocker application can used to blocks and restricts urls to browse.

Website Blocker 1.0.12

blocking. Url Blockers can do several urls restrict to open, just add domain and click to block url. Internet blocking application wonderful to make parental control to opens website, also help to blocks adult content by adding web domains in list as softwares support massblocking domain by just clicking block and unblock, uninstall software from itself by interface. Website blocker Features * Block websites acording to category. * Web Blocking Software

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BlockAllow 3.13: Parental control that blocks or allows website contents in Internet Explorer

BlockAllow 3.13

BlockAllow ca selectively block or allow websites contents to be displayed in Internet Explorer. It can block any website by keyword in the URL, domain name or a part of URL. Blocks social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Orcut, block bandwidth consuming site like Youtube, block chat sites such as Yahoo Chat or Google Chat and any objectable contents from appearing on your computer. Optionally BlockAllow can block file downloads

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AllowBlock 2.12: Parental control content filter type software. Blocks or allows selected sites.

AllowBlock 2.12

websites in Internet Explorer. Manage exactly what websites are allowed for visiting and what are blocked. You may create two lists of websites: allowed and blocked. If a website that user is about to visit is on the allowed list the browser seemlessly displayes the contents of the webpage; if it is on a blocked list then the browser is forwarded to a blocked information page. Additional options include filtering websites by stop words in URL, blocking

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Website Filter  1.0: Filter Access to Websites Easily and Effectively

Website Filter 1.0

WebsiteFilter provides the best option for being able to filter access to an unlimited number of websites. Users can simply add individual webpages or websites onto a `custom list` and instantly block them from the system. Easily, quickly and effectively! Unlike many other website blockers available, WebsiteFilter works with all website browsers and not just Internet Explorer!

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Internet Access Controller Restrict, block, limit internet access or web sites specified schedule, time

Internet Access Controller

Internet Access Controller you can restrict, block web sites and limit internet access at specified time, schedule or on demand. Password protect an internet connection or website. Great for parental control or to prevent employess from inappropriate internet usage. You can block, limit, allow which programs have access to the web. Disable internet connection after specified amount of time. control your computer`s internet and network connection.

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WebAllow 3.19: Allow only selected websites to be visited in Internet Explorer

WebAllow 3.19

website? Research shows that employees in 40% cases use the Internet for non-work related needs. Boost company productivity by leaving them only a few websites to visit. Weballow also can be used as a parental control utility that allows viewing selected websites and blocks every other website. If you are concerned that your teenager instead of doing the homework is browsing the Internet this tool is for you. If your kid is playing online games on

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PM Staff Admin 7.3.1: PM Staff Admin provides every feature to restrict time-wasting activities.

PM Staff Admin 7.3.1

Setting up filtering and monitoring options could not be easier. Time-wasting websites and programs can be completely blocked or permitted to specified amount of time. Along with limiting access to non-productive websites and applications, PM Staff Admin also have everything necessary to keep track of how your computers are used throughout the business day. Reports are aggregated silently and can be periodically emailed to remote users.

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